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I humbly seek to earn your vote for Mayor of The Hills.  I am not a politician.  I am a corporate lawyer, a small business advisor, investor, and a sworn law enforcement officer, an admittedly unusual 

combination that has helped me develop creative problem-solving skills in a variety of challenging environments.  

I believe leadership takes the courage to stand up and speak but also the courage to sit down and listen, and the prudence to know when to do each.  In leading teams, I am always impressed by what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.

I value public service and feel it is incumbent on us all to find ways to support our neighbors and our community.  In that spirit, I approached our community leaders "looking for a lane" to contribute and to discuss some of my ideas.  From these meetings, I became intrigued with the opportunities we have as a tight-knit, nimble municipality with untapped talent, to enhance our services, public safety/emergency preparedness, transparency, and responsiveness.  


The Village of the Hills also needs a strong advocate to ensure our voice remains heard in regional issues and, in partnership with the leaders of our neighboring communities, tackle the broader challenges of transportation, economic and infrastructure development, crime, and homelessness.


I hope to be Your Voice.    



Be relentless about government transparency, communication, and community feedback


Support law enforcement. Preserve and enhance public safety and emergency programs


Constructively challenge the status quo in the spirit of continuous improvement. I won't be afraid to ask, "why," or, "is this still the best way," and, "can we do more (or the same for less)?"


Be a leader in joint regional initiatives regarding transportation, infrastructure development, and emergency management operations

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Protect Citizens' Constitutional Rights

Endorsed by  The Austin Police Association & Travis County Sheriff's Officer's Association

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